Mazda Winter Driving Tips

As the winter weather takes hold it’s important to carry out a number of winter-weather checks on your Mazda. For further advice, please contact your Rockingham Cars.

Looking after your Mazda​

  1. Cold mornings and extensive use of headlights, windscreen wipers and demisters can put extra strain on your Mazda’s battery. Ensure you have your battery checked to keep you going through the winter months.
  2. Run your air-conditioning for at least one hour a week, even though it’s winter. As well as keeping you cool in the summer, air-conditioning removes moisture from the air, allowing your windscreen to de-mist more rapidly. By switching the air-conditioning on, the system is able to lubricate and maintain itself and will therefore perform more efficiently.
  3. Wash your Mazda frequently to remove all the salt, mud and dirt that can build up during the winter months. The Genuine Mazda Car Care products are carefully formulated to keep your Mazda clean, protected and looking better, for longer.
  4. Regularly check all fluid levels and top up whenever necessary.
  5. All bulbs must be functioning properly, with headlights clean and positioned correctly.
  6. Check your tyres for wear and tear. During the winter months, low tread or unevenly worn tyres can be dangerous. A tread depth of a minimum of 3mm is recommended. Don’t forget to check your spare wheel.
  7. Check your front and rear wiper blades for wear and tear, replacing them if necessary.
  8. Ensure your windscreen washer reservoir is well topped up with the correct additive at the right concentration. Low winter sun can cause a dazzling effect: make sure your windscreen is clean both inside and out to improve visibility.
  9. Use an ice-scraper to clear all windows of snow and ice. Never defrost your windows using hot water as this can cause cracks in the screen.
  10. An annual Mazda service ensures your engine operates with optimum efficiency, thus ensuring constant high performance throughout the winter months.  Rockingham Cars can offer you the service work required to keep you on the road and enjoying your Mazda for years to come.
  11. If the weather or your Mazda catches you out – be prepared and carry a fully charged mobile phone, torch, first-aid kit, warning triangle and last but not least a blanket, warm coat, shovel, gloves and hat to keep you warm.
  12. Why not get a Mazda trained technician to give your Mazda a once over by booking a Mazda Winter Check? Contact us for more details.

Drive Safely

Driving conditions can be treacherous during the colder months so we’ve provided our top ten driving tips to keep you on the road this winter.

  1. Before setting off, clear all windows of snow and ice. Ensure to clear snow from the roof as well as from windows, as this can obscure your view and be a hazard to other road users.
  2. Plan ahead – check local traffic reports and stick to major roads that are more likely to have been gritted.
  3. Slow down in plenty of time for bends and corners - stopping distances are up to 10 times longer in snow and ice. Take particular care when driving on black ice, commonly found on bridges, overpasses, less busy roads and shaded areas. Black ice will make your steering feel light, so ease off the accelerator and avoid any harsh steering.
  4. Always accelerate and brake gently. When slowing down, change to a low gear earlier than normal, allowing your speed to fall gradually. When moving off, remember to use as high a gear as possible to avoid wheel spin. If your Mazda starts to slide, steer into the skid and don’t apply the brakes.
  5. Don’t forget - snow-covered roads can often hide potholes and road debris that could damage your tyres. 
  6. When driving in foggy conditions ensure to keep your fog lights on at all times, turn off your radio and wind down your window to listen out for traffic, particularly when approaching junctions. When visibility improves, remember to switch them off as they can obscure your brake lights and dazzle other drivers.
  7. Slow down when visibility is seriously reduced to allow yourself time to adjust. Pedestrians and cyclists are often much harder to spot in winter weather.
  8. When driving through flood waters, drive slowly and steadily – make sure that the water is not too deep for your car. Upon leaving the water, drive slowly and test your brakes.
  9. Despite the festive season, the same rules apply. Never drink and drive.
  10. The number of thefts increases through the winter. Wherever possible, park in a busy, well-lit car park, preferably close to CCTV cameras. Never leave any valuables on display in your Mazda.

Look after your Tyres​

Don’t take your tyres for granted – you could be putting yourself, your passengers and other road users at risk.

Tyre Tread

  • Although the minimum legal tread depth for car tyres in the UK is 1.6 mm, we recommend a 3mm tread limit, as performance is significantly reduced past this level, particularly in wet conditions.*
  • 1 in 10 cars are at or below the legal minimum* – check your tyres at home by simply inserting a 20p coin into your tyres tread grooves.  If the inside rim of the coin is visible, your tyre tread may be close to the legal limit.
  • Be aware - as tread depth decreases, your stopping distance will increase. Worn tyres contribute to 1 in 10 accidents on wet roads and 1 in 50 on dry roads*.
  • Don’t get caught out – the law requires you to meet safety standards and failing to do so could result in a hefty fine and points off your license for each illegal tyre.

Tyre Pressures

  • Correct tyre pressures are essential for safety and tyre longevity, providing vital grip for steering and control. Recommended tyre pressures can be found in your owner’s handbook, on the fuel cap or on the driver’s door.
  • Incorrect tyre pressure can result in tyre damage, longer braking distances and higher fuel consumption – as well as affect the handling of the vehicle.
  • Check tyre pressures monthly and before long trips – and don’t forget the spare. Tyre pressures should always be checked when tyres are cold.

Does your Mazda need new tyres? Talk to us today to find out options available for you.

*AA Motoring Trust

Please note Mazda CX-5 model shown may not be to UK specification.